Expressions Detonix-S Treatment

My finals has just ended and guess what did I gained (besides knowledge)?


Can't believed I actually gained weight in such a short period of time. However, it was no surprise. All I did for the past one month was eat > study > sleep and repeat. There wasn't anytime left for me to exercise and the longest route I walked was probably from my room to kitchen on a daily basis.

Thank goodness for 
Expressions Detonix-S Treatment.

Detonix is a revolutionary treatment for body contouring regime. It removes toxicity from fat cells and gives you a toned, firm and tight body. The whole process is totally painless and safe (and in fact it's actually very relaxing!)

Before the treatment, the specialist took my measurements and also gave me a brief introduction of the whole treatment. Reality hit me hard at the moment when I see the numbers of my weight and my thigh HAHA.

How this works is that they will apply patented formula cream, followed by wrapping you with multi-polar thermal blanket to achieve the contour body. So it's important to head to the washroom before this treatment as you don't want to hold your pee for 30-45 mins. It was so comfortable that I actually fell asleep during the whole treatment and only got woken up by my perspire that was dripping on my face lol. The specialist will also pop by once in a while to check on you.

It felt like I was running for 30 mins straight but all I did was lying down for 30 mins HAHA. Honestly 45 mins should be the max because it got so warm after which and the perspiration is kinda gross. I was stuck with them for a good 45 mins. So it was super refreshing to be free from them. 

I thought I sweated a lot but in the end it was only this little....sigh.
The more you perspire the better it is, so this treatment is good for those who will perspire a lot.

And tadah, I actually slim down quite a bit within that 30-45 mins. Amazing. I do feel lighter after the treatment as I got rid of some of the water retention in my body. However, do drink lots of water after the treatment because you will be so thirsty after the treatment!!
Thank you Expressions for allowing me to be back in shape!

Bellezza Aesthetics

No matter how busy we are, it's always good to pamper yourself one way or another. Which is why I was glad (& thankful) when Bellezza Aesthetics invited me to try out one of their facial treatment.

They were really caring to send SMS to remind you about the appointment and also contact you just in case people like me who seldom check SMS (oops).
Upon arrival, I was lead to a cozy room (with a comfortable high sofa chair) for me to fill up my particular and also to relax myself before the facial. The whole interior design of the place and also services they provided makes me feel like a queen. 

TIP: Head to the toilet before facial or else you have to hold your pee throughout which is kinda annoying!

I did the one of their signature facial treatment: Reawaken Skin Booster.


Since my only skin concern is acne scar, they recommended this treatment for me. Well I do have a few visitors (aka pimples) every now and then on my face due to my period/menstruation but I guess it wasn't THAT bothering me at the moment so I decided to opt for this treatment instead.
 And that's when I realised from the beautician that my skin is a combination of oily and dry. I have always thought that I only have oily skin instead. So this is a good way to clear misunderstanding and also let you be aware of the facial products you should use to improve your skin condition.
This treatment basically regenerate and repair my skin and I must say it really work for me! My skin feels so much smoother and brighter (glowing)!! Totally love the result.
BTW, my beautician was so friendly and nice that it makes my whole 90mins inside the room so much more enjoyable and relaxing. Enjoyed chatting with her and love how she explain the treatment too. It's rare to meet nice beautician and sometimes it's kinda awkward but thank goodness she is good :)
After the facial, I was lead to the same room and have my after facial snacks + tea! And it ended the whole facial treatment really nicely.

Bellezza Aesthetics is offering a trial at $38 with a skin analysis scan just for you! 
Simply quote "Elyssa" to enjoy this offer.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Valid for first time customer and those who haven't visited for the past 6 months, aged 18 and above only
2. Valid for Singaporean / PR / EP / SP / WP
3. Prior appointment is required

501 Orchard Road #04-13 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880
Tel: 6223 2533

Business Hours:🕐
Weekday: 11am – 9pm
Sat, Sun PH: 10am – 6pm

Caffebene Singapore

Caffe Bene which means "Good Cafe" is an unique Korean culture cafe that incorporate with the European cafes and life styles. Thanks to Smitten, I got to drop by and see what they got to offer! Bought WW and TH along for this food tasting and before we even head to Caffe Bene, my friends suggested some items that we shouldn't be ordering to avoid disappointment.
And I understood why the moment I queue to order for food. Their bingsu isn't like the usual bingsu I have. Theirs are more like ice, which is very much like ice kacang (just that they have more toppings?) So we decided to order their snow shaved ones instead. Because who wants to spend like more than $2 on a ice kacang (not me). And I don't really like the idea of eating ice, or rather, get reminded that I am in fact, eating ice. At least I don't feel so bad eating snow shaved since ice isn't that good for health anyway (not like snow shaved is doing anything great to my body haha).

I quite like their snow shaved bingsu, it's refreshing experience for me since all along the bingsu I had are 'powdery' kind. And this one is more sticky and solidified.

Besides that, we ordered blueberry drink and rainbow cake.
Rainbow cake was good, and it's red velvet flavoured. Best of both worlds for us since WW wanted red velvet cake and TH wanted rainbow cake cause it looks nice on Instagram..... (things we do to gain more likes sigh). And I would definitely recommend their cakes to you guys.

I repeat, do not, order blueberry drink. It tasted very much like medicine. I am not too sure if this is the taste for all blueberry drinks (which is why I am very afraid to order berry kind of drinks when I am out cause I don't know what to expect). And for example, this was a bad experience for us. The taste is of course manageable but I won't be going there to order it again HAHA.

Caffebene Singapore
VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk,
#02-150, Singapore 098585

Food: 6/10
Price/Value: 5.7/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience/decor: 7/10
Overall: 3/5

Because I am a blogger and I should get FREE stuff

Nowadays everyone is proclaiming that he/she is a blogger just because they own a blog. And I guess it's no surprise to you regarding the ugly saga about blogger(s) demanding/asking for free stuff (you can read more here). But I didn't expect myself to face any of them.

This is in fact another CarouHell experience but a not so serious one.

So I got this message recently from this 14 years old girl. It looks very much like a template message (or in fact it is) but I didn't want to appear rude and all, thus I replied. BIG MISTAKE TO DO THAT.
Anyway I bullshit the company thingy but I was telling my friend how my family members are always helping me to meet buyers when I am not free. Which make it a 'family business' lol. And I should have phrased my message properly. It sounded like I am able to provide her something (e.g. a shirt?) but not many (e.g. 10 shirts?) so it sounded like I was giving her that tiny hope (that she kept holding onto).

Lol "job opportunity" - you are taking MY MONEY & MY STUFF how is this a job for me?

Okay so basically I want to see what she claimed is true?? 500 unique views daily....when she only have that one post. Which is why I proposed a promo code for her. I was thinking to myself, if there is at least one person using her promo code then I guess it's not a bad idea to work with her in the future lol.

Don't call me BABE or BRO when I don't even know you?? I really hate it when random people just 'Babe' me on Carousell..... Do we look like we are having a very good relationship right here on Carousell? Eh no?

Of course you are keen... if you are not even keen, will you even message me first? You made it sound like I approached you to advertise for me and then I offer you with such ridiculous offer?? Get your facts right. 

So now you approach me to SPONSOR you stuff is not at my EXPENSE? I don't even know what kind of benefits will I get from sponsoring you in the first place. It will totally be my loss!! And what harm can you get in typing a few words? Zero. Unless you say I am wasting your laptop battery or something? Because you are not even that famous right now (okay not like I am famous too lol my life. But the key word right now as I don't know what will happen to you tomorrow), you are not even directing any sales to me if you were to mention my shop on your blog. 

Charging at such ridiculous rate when you have nothing to proof. First and foremost, you should at least show a screen shot of your month/daily blog view if you can boast about them. If not, your blog should at least show something to convince others. I checked through your social media platform (only Instagram was provided & you have no Twitter wow...), and I must say, it's not even convincing enough for me to pay $80-$120. 

And here are more reasons on why I won't pay/sponsor you:

Instagram followers: 459. Are you even above 1000? No.

So she mentioned in the first message that she has 9k view as of date. In case you don't know what a Hit Counter does. Let me explain to you. Basically the number increase as you refresh the page. So someone (I am not saying you) could have been sitting in front of the screen and refreshing your blog for hours to reach 9k (or daily 500 views) for you. It does not proof anything special because it might just be that 1 or 2 people refreshing your page a lot of times.

(as of 13 April 2016)

I find this super hard to believe especially when there is no proof. Anyone can be writing how many unique views they get in a day but what's the point right? I tried to check her daily view through some other website but unfortunately it can't be found or data insufficient.

Can't believed I am actually spending effort on your blog. I am sure I increased that hit counter for you in the past few days lol. So I guess you have 20k view till date now??

With only 2 posts, it's kinda hard for us to judge. I know how you started a new blog aka this one but then again do I look like I read your post from the previous blog? No.

Anyway I made it clear that she can find me in the future to end off the conversation nicely but I must have forgotten to include a full stop after the word 'Thanks' because she explains non-stop. *roll eyes*

BTW If anyone is keen to sponsor her, you can really chat with her.

This is not the first time I encountered someone asking for sponsorship or to work with them and I must say hers is the most demanding one.

An example of a nicer message/person:
And she did proof it in her blog (blogpost). Although I am not sure if those competitions are legit or what but at least there is something for others to see or judge for ourselves. P/S I didn't do much research for hers.

I replied the same thing, suggesting a promo code.

And voila she posted on her blog and shared with me!! 
I was actually quite happy to meet people like her (not because of free advertising because I NEVER worry about advertising for my shop anyway) but the fact that she did not complain or demand like this 14 years old girl. Which makes me want to work with her more in the future. This is the kind of bloggers/writers that companies will want to work with. Be humble and show/proof what you have or what you can offer. And not DEMANDING what we can offer to you.
Okay that's all for now. Cheers.


I have published a post on How to not gain weight at work some time back and one of the point I mentioned was healthier snacks. Good thing BoxGreen sent me their healthy snacks recently so that I won't need to search high and low in my office for (healthier) snack whenever I feel hungry.
In case some of you didn't know, I am consistently feeling hungry (at a certain timing) even though I have my meals on time. For example, in the morning after breakfast, I will feel hungry 2-3 hours later and usually it's not lunch time yet. Which is really frustrating because I have to look for food that stop my stomach from growling but at the same time not too full to prevent me from enjoying my lunch later.

And here we have, BoxGreen to save my day.
Some background story of BoxGreen:
Their mission is to promote healthier snacking with over 30 mouthwatering options for us to choose from. And each snacks contains wholesome ingredients - with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours. Snacking should be guilt-free and tastily fun!

All you have to do is to choose your snacks, check out and voila, you will receive your box in no time. I picked Rosemary Pistachios, Mocha Almonds, Milo Dino Granola and Banana Coins for my first box.
Each snack is being packed into a smaller packets for the ease of bringing it around. I would say one packet is sufficient for me to feel slightly full which actually stops my stomach from complaining for a while before having my lunch/dinner. And I can even afford to share my snack with my friends!

Here are some reasons why you should eat healthy:

Enhance your mood.
It helps to lower the risk of depression (especially nuts) and reduce stress. It's the same as exercising and sweating it all out. Healthy food can increase energy, allow you to have better sleep and more stable mood.
Save money on healthcare.
Many illness can be avoided or cured if you were to eat healthy. Deep inside you you should know how harmful it is to eat those junk food (but yet we can't seem to avoid them sigh).
More productive.
Studies found that eating unhealthy food puts you at 66% increase risk of productivity loss. Well I guess which is why I am always feeling tired and not wanting to do my work? Eating healthy can ensure your brain has the fuel it needs and increase productivity at work.

Although not all the snacks I chose were to my liking (personally I like the Pistachios & Milo Dino Granola the most), I guess it's pretty much a new experience for me. To bring my own snack instead of buying it from the nearby supermarket which most likely going to be one of those junk food AGAIN. We all know how hard is it for us to be on diet by skipping meals so why not opt for something healthy instead? 🙆

If you are interested to try out BoxGreen and lead a healthier (snacking) life, they are giving you guys 30% off for your first box. 

Simply key in "elyssa30" when you check out! 
Applies to new subscribers only.